The house across the street
The house across the street

These essays are the culmination of 30 years of writing, which is my way of figuring out what I am thinking. I once had the dream of writing a book, but as I learned more and read more, I realized how little I knew, and decided to leave book-writing to the experts. So I have created a blog.

To spice up the pages of text, I have inserted reproductions of some of my sketches and watercolors that typically have no relation to the writings. I also adds some diagrams to illustrate technical matters, and copied photos freely from the web.

You will certainly find something interesting on my blog. Some of the essays will be disturbing, because the world (at least as I see it) did not evolve to make humans comfortable. I have put these in the category “Our Uncertain Future”

Please take some time to post comments. It will be a nice way of staying in touch.

Warmest regards