Almost ready

View of Grand Canyon, May 2017, from Mather Point – pencil, actual size

The process of preparing the house (and ourselves) for sale is traumatic in the extreme for most people, and especially for my wife and myself. But we are almost there, and the house will be on the market next week if all goes as planned.

This has been a huge distraction and I have not had the energy to post anything. I have lots to say about current events, and would like to do a review of a great (but rather technical) book “The Vital Question” by biochemist Nick Lane and the more accessible “I Contain Multitudes” by Ed Yong. Both are well-written and up-to-date, and both describe startling discoveries that drastically revise one’s view of life. The books are complementary, the first dealing with the origins of all life and of complex life, the latter the meaning and extent of the symbiotic relationships among animals, plants and microbes.

So I look forward to more posting, once the last-minute crunch is over with and our house is finally in the unlivable state necessary to attract buyers.


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  1. Best of luck to you in this move. I think of you often. Please keep us posted.

    The books sound fascinating. Here’s another outlook on the development of sexual reproduction. It involves two of my favorite people. Joseph Newman was the author, in 1947, a defender of evolution and civil rights in his regular poet’s column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer; he ran a sporting goods store in Cleveland, and was Paul Newman’s uncle. Biff Rose narrates the poem in 1968. Yes, he’s my beloved cousin.

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